Engage Mobile Traffic.
Drive Conversions.

Slipp enables marketers to turn mobile traffic into consumer actions when promoting brands, products, services, content, events, and more.

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What is Slipp?

Slipp offers a free mobile-first landing platform, that quickly turns mobile traffic into consumer action. With almost half of web traffic coming from mobile devices, Slipp’s mobile-first landing experiences are the quickest and simplest way to drive more consumer conversions.

Slipps can be used with ads and social postings to promote products, services, events, content, downloads, and much more. Slipps combine a consumer action (call, view, rsvp, calendar, download, buy) with content slides that are quick to create, give dramatic engagement levels on mobile, and drive higher conversions. They can be stand-alone or overlaid on shared content.

More Engaging

Slipps keep your audience focused on your message and desired call-to-action. Because consumers love the Slipp format, the engagement rate is dramatically higher than web pages.

More Conversions

Instead of porting complicated desktop funnels, use Slipp to create quick, mobile-appropriate actions and present them in a simple conversion funnel.

Increased Mobile ROI

Nearly a third of Internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Slipps can be used in SEM, paid social, and other mobile marketing campaigns.