What is Slipp?

Slipp is an easy-to-use mobile marketing platform that lets marketers quickly create mobile-friendly calls-to-action (e.g. Sign-up, Download, Buy Now, Add to Calendar), post these CTAs on social media and use as SEM landing pages, and drive consumer conversions across mobile devices. Marketers can optionally attach a highly engaging content deck to communicate marketing messages and associated images in a slide show presentation.

Benefits of Slipp

More Engaging
Slipps are ad-free, which keeps your audience focused on your messaging and calls-to-action. Because consumers love the Slipp format, the engagement rate is dramatically higher than web pages. See example Slipps
More Conversions
Instead of porting complicated desktop funnels, use Slipp to create quick, mobile-appropriate actions and present them in a simple conversion funnel.
Increase Mobile ROI
Nearly a third of Internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Slipps can be used in SEM, paid social, and other mobile marketing campaigns.